Quick Step Laminate

The direct-pressure laminate technology we pioneered is superior because our flooring is completely balanced. The weight and quality of materials and pressure of production is identical on both the top and bottom of the board - creating a perfectly stable product with no bowing or collapsing in the center. This collapsed effect is common with competitors' floors as their top layer is too heavy and the underlayer is not thick enough.
SCRATCHGUARD™ Advanced Finish Protection
UNICLIC® locking system makes installation fast & easy
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We believe that dreaming is as important as doing. That's why the laminate floors we make are very special. While we are pioneers in the way today's laminate floors are made, it's not just about quality manufacturing and innovative details. It’s about what our floors can do.
Our laminate wood floors and laminate tile floors open new doors to creativity. They help you express your personality and bring dreams to life. They set the mood and allow you to create spaces that truly make you feel at home.
We're not just a manufacturer; we're a dream factory. And by dreaming, we're changing what you expect from laminate flooring. Because we believe it is amazing what a floor can do.

Direct-Pressure Laminate
At Quick•Step®, we're as passionate about the technology that makes our laminate wood and tile floors so durable as the style that makes them so distinctive. From our revolutionary locking system that helps prevent water damage to our ScratchGuard™ Advanced Finish Protection that defends against everyday wear. With Quick•Step® laminate flooring, you can create a truly extraordinary room and feel free to enjoy it. Knowing it's designed for living.
The patented locking system that we created revolutionized the industry, eliminating the need for glue. With Uniclic®, you simply snap the planks or tiles together - using either an angled or sliding motion.
All Quck•Step® floors offer protection that guards against scratches and indentation, keeping our floors looking like new. Now new technology is increasing our floors' resistance to abrasion. New ScratchGuard™Advanced Finish Protection helps prevent the micro scratches caused by routine dust and dirt which can dull the surface finish over time.
Multifunctional molding with INCIZO® technology
With revolutionary INCIZO® technology, one molding easily transforms into different applications simply by using the cutting tool.
  • Easy to install and you always have the correct piece
  • Less waste because you cut the profile to fit you specific needs
  • No inconvenient seams in comparison with competitors’ existing multi-use profiles
  • Color and surface textures coordinate beautifully with our floor designs
  • Excellent wear and scratch-resistant surface
  • Water-resistant glued MDF support
  • Warranty is the same as your Quick•Step® floor