Mohawk-Aladdin Carpet

A few years ago, Mohawk made the strategic decision to diversify and invest in a totally new alternative fiber that would enable Mohawk and its retail partners to be more adaptable to shifts in market and raw material supply. This new fiber, known by the chemical abbreviation P.T.T., would also come to be known as “Revolutionary”. Why? Because due to its molecular makeup, the fiber actually performs better than nylon and other fibers.
Walden Carpets features Mohawk carpets made with:
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Better Performance
SmartStrand® PTT molecules have a magic “kink” similar to a spring that makes the fiber more crushresistant, resilient, and durable.
Walk Test:
A test with over 20,000 footsteps, simulating a year of normal wear, proved SmartStrand’s superior resiliency and crush resistance. In the durability match, nylon also is very good—but not this good.

Smartstrand Modified Hexapod Test:
SmartStrand also underwent a mechanical test designed to simulate the actual walk test, but in a much shorter time. Results confirmed that SmartStrand’s the best.
Better Durability
SmartStrand fibers provide permanently engineered-in stain protection that will NEVER wear or wash off. Even after repeated cleanings, SmartStrand stain protection will last over the life of the carpet. Now, that’s revolutionary!
 Even hard-to-clean stains like red wine, juice, and mustard are lifted with mild detergent and hot water or FloorCare Essentials®. Other fibers may perform with immediate cleanup, but after stains have set in, SmartStrand really shows its strength because cleanup is still just as easy! And best of all, unlike the topical application exhibited on the leading nylon carpets, this protection will never wash or wear off!
Better Stain and Soil Resistance
Since 1878, Mohawk has been producing attractive and durable carpet. Mohawk's collections provide an option for nearly every purpose, decorating style, and budget. And, when you purchase Mohawk carpet, you are getting a high-quality floor-covering from one of the world’s most trusted brands.